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~Wellness In Motion ~

Practicing Healthy Habits daily, and Creating healthy habits is performance art. It’s an art form that involves sequences of small movements, actions, and behaviors, joined together to purposefully create the beautiful being that you are.

Small, daily movements, whether improvised or intentional, are the medium for sensing, understanding, and feeling experiences. It’s a way of opening a mind-body dialogue where we can explore ourselves and our position in the wider world in which we live.

Like anything else in life that we desire to create, the elements of creating and moving through daily healthy habits requires some prior knowledge as we begin our wellness-in-motion dance and develop an understanding of the ultimate art medium: your own body.

Your wellness journey should be creative & fun! Here at Gallery Barre, I want to see you do more than just survive…I want to see you thrive! When you allow yourself the time to move, breathe, nourish and restore your body, you move into being the best version of yourself!

Through unique dance-inspired classes in barre, Pilates, and yoga you will learn to balance the synergy of your mind and body. And with our Healthy Habits Simplified program, you will learn how to nourish your whole body with simple tweaks to your food and body care choices.

Through these meaningful changes in movement and behavior, you will begin to feel your overall mood, energy, and well-being soar!

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