In the meantime...

This too shall pass!

💪 Hang in there & stay tuned as I am working on some ways to share with you things that you can do to keep fit during this uncertain time.
Now more than ever, it is important to keep on moving!😉

Because of the bone pain in my legs from my chemotherapy treatmenst, I'll be sharing some workouts from Body Groove instead of doing my own. Hoping to bring Body Groove to Gallery Barre come summer! Also, my Beyond Barre buddy, owner of BeyondBarre Randolph, has allowed me to share her workout posts as well! Thank you Colleen!

🎶So, turn on some music, use your kitchen counter or the back of a chair for your barre, canned goods for weights, a pair of pantyhose for a band & roll out your mat or blanket!

Move your body in some way, shape or form! Heck...just dance around the house!🤗

Post & tag me with your favorite way to keep fit during this period of social distancing!😉💕

Go with the flo~


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